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Client Stories

“When I went to see Susie she explained to me that the body is like an ‘engine or machine’ - Imagine you were given a car, and it would be the only car you could ever own for the rest of your life. Under no circumstances could it be sold or traded in, and no other could replace it. Imagine how well you would treat that car? You would change the oil every 1000 miles, you’d give it a tune-up every other month, you would take it easy on the engine, etc. Now, go out and treat your body the same way, because it’s the only one you’ll ever get.
………….Those words hit me like a cement truck……….
The number of things I have learned from Susie has been nothing short of remarkable. For the first time in my life, I actually know how much mis-information is out there regarding health, food, environmental toxins and lifestyle risks, and more importantly, what to do to live a healthy life. I feel better than I can ever remember in my whole life – which has made a huge difference in and of itself. I can’t begin to describe the ways she has impacted my life but I do know now that I’ll have many many years to thank her for it., give her a call and start your life all over again (no matter what your age is!”)- Janice – S. Wales

“Even though I exercise to stay fit, it is more important to be fit at the cellular level, as that is what drives ‘the machine’…! Energy medicine does just that; it lets me know what is going on at the cellular level. And Susie’s expert interpretation and advice gives me the information that I need that keeps me looking and feeling young and healthy” - Christine Buzzi,

“My lack of energy and a liver disorder was due to an emotional trauma after losing my best friend, I never grieved and the body needed time to recover –all of this was done through a ‘remote treatment’, its so accurate “- Paul, London,

“Electromagnetic fields from computers was disrupting my hormonal balance, this was causing severe PMS” – Emma,Lincs

“My thyroid imbalance was coming from too many diet drinks –I had an addiction to these but thanks to this amazing programme I have lost weight, my cravings have gone and my energy has returned". - Jenny, Kent

Scleroderma "I was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma in August 2008 and had no idea what the disease was about or how it would go on to ravage my health. It all started with swollen fingers, skin tightening in my arms, face and chest, acute exhaustion and rapid weight loss, very soon i was unrecognisable to myself and others as i was increasingly becoming and looking unwell.
The hospital consultants suggested medication for kidney transplant patients which was their only adequate prescription for trying to calm down my immune system which had 'gone off the rails'.
I had no choice but to take the medication and hope for the best despite feeling very uneasy about using strong and toxic medications which no doubt would have their own side effects. After appx a year or so i began venturing out to try out new and additional remedies which were naturpathic and complementary based.
During the latter half of this epic year in my quest to seek out alternative healing i came accross Susie;s website and immediately i was profoundly impressed by her own journey and resilience and i identified with this.
I visited Susie in August 2010 and she set my upon my path of recognising that i needed to reinvest in my cellular health which had been significantly compromised by my illness and resulting weakness. She was so accurate in her assessment of my needs and despite my initial scepticism of the bio resonance machine i found myself being impressed by the diagnosis and the issues the machine identified. She also raised a number of additional issues and matters which i couldn't really focus on at the time and now when i recall them i appreciate fully what she was raising with me, i know that i had a lot to deal with at the time and they were my initial steps so i needed to get to the stage i am currently at i order to appreciate fully and start to deal with other deeper issues. I describe this ongoing process as my journey as i refuse to believe that i will ever be a victim of this disease or that i will have to live with this forever. Meeting Susie was instrumental in my journey as i have made so much progress in my physical and emotional health that even the doctors are surprised, it has been arduous throughout and its far from over for me but i know i am half way through and i have used the experience with Susie to engage in other therapies and health improvements. I would recommend her help to anyone suffering from an auto immune disease such as scleroderma and i would also stress that this and any programme requires a lot of personal comittment and dedication and the 'can do' attitude. Initially it is really hard but after constant positive promotion the mind and body begins to benefit and that will spur you on further as I am being spurred on - i will not stop until i am fit and healthy again and even then i'll strive to stay healthy and fit!"

Many best wishes and regards

Dear Susie,
it's lovely to hear from you and I hope you are too are well I am keeping up well - small steps but all in a positive direction This morning i had the vision of the wall of china being built - brick by brick and I thought it was similar to my recovery - what an inspiring thought!
I would be delighted for you to use my short testimony and am always happy to help and support you in your work.
I can never forget your kindness and wisdom towards helping me and you are always in prayers.
It would be nice to have a chat sometime when you are free - let me know when its good for you please.

Many warm wishes

Selena x

MS I am 28, and was diagnosed with MS at the end of last year. As you can probably imagine, this news was quite a shock and I had a whole mixture of feelings from disbelief to confusion and fear. I now feel very differently. Susie has set me off on a journey that I could never have imagined.

I first found out about Susie quite randomly through a friend of a friend's mother! I clung onto this contact as a hope that I could actually do something to help myself, after reaching quite a dead end with conventional medicine.

I first went to see Susie in January this year with my fiance. I have to say, we both left the session completely bamboozled - it blew our minds, we didn't understand it, and we were honestly very sceptical! However, I started on the program of detox and support using the various supplements. It was a drastic change for my diet, and the supplements were plenty and expensive. It was extremely tough to stick with, but the most important factor for me was to have the support of my finace. Once I had his support, after an initial period when neither of us were really sure, this made a massive difference to me.

I have noticed a gradual, slow, improvement in my various MS symptoms. Most of all though, I have never felt so well in myself. Everyone tells me how healthy I look, and I feel healthy! I have had an MS relapse after first seeing Susie and following her advised program, however I have surprised my Neurologist at how quickly I have recovered myself, without the need for any drugs. She doesn't promise to 'cure' you, just build your body strong so that everything is in balance to help you lead a full and healthy life.

At first, I really wasn't convinced, but now, I never look back. I choose to follow this programme, because it makes me feel good and positive about my life. It has opened my eyes, to a whole new world of great people - I have learnt so much. By following it, I feel that I am giving myself the best possible chance to live a full life in the way that I want. I don't want my old life back, this is me now, and I am learning to love the new me!

Half of the battle is indeed in the mind. You can do whatever you want, if you just believe you can. A positive approach is absolutely essential to anyone to find happiness. I really enjoyed a book which really helped me: 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Maybe try it.

MS and ME are a mystery to the scientists of the world, but don't let yourself be a mystery. Learn about yourself, what and who you enjoy and don't enjoy, what your body is telling you, love your body and love yourself.

I hope that reading this has given you some food for thought. If you ever want to contact me, please do so anytime at this email address.

Keep smiling.

When Louise came to see me, the only thing she entered on her consultation form was HELP!!! She said she didn't have anything physically wrong with her but she knew she needed help.c

From the scan results her general health was good but the first area on her psychological scan was emotional trauma. She asked what it was and I said it would be the first thing that came to her head with that her eyes filled with tears. She said that it was her partner who she is now that has made her talk about this trauma she suffered as a child. She never told anyone that she had been abused by an uncle because her mother had taught her to be restrained, and keep everything to herself her mother never knew.

Throughout her life she had searched for reasons why this had happened and in order to heal herself she took a physiotherapy so she could help others.

On her general scan it also came through that she was very spiritual and many of her chakra points needed balancing. She said that she had comforted herself all of her life through spiritual and emotional balancing but now this trauma had been spoken about she needed help.

Finding me and discovering that it was this emotional trauma that was the root cause of how she had been feeling was an Enlightenment, she cried during a session but it was a release that she needed to do.

Chakra balancing and exercises to energise the chakra points, including her crown chakra so that she could listen to herself more and start believing in herself by using her "gut feeling "
Hi Susie,

Just thought I would give you a further update on my situation.

My cold sores have now cleared up and disappeared which is fantastic. I carried on with the L-Lysine and the other supplements that you gave me and it took about a couple of weeks to disappear which is about normal for me.

My back has got a lot better also so maybe that has rebalanced itself but I have even been out go karting a couple of times recently and that is usually a good test if you have a bad back and came through fine!

I have now noticed the right hand side of my neck feeling a little discomfort but again that was something that was picked up on the scan and even though I had not had any problems with it previously that is hopefully now being sorted out also.

One of the other things picked up on the scan was “speech processing breaking down under stress”. We said this could be related to my public speaking training. I spoke in Manchester over the weekend at the Franchise exhibition and one of my colleagues that has seen me speak before commented that he thought that was the best he has ever seen present which is nice feedback. Maybe a combination of the pebble working and my public speaking training combined but I was very happy with that!

Overall, good progress being made.

Thanks again.


I did a programme with a client who had a lot of stress but did not know what the stress was. I ran the "limiting beliefs" deep emotional issues program on her. This program is a very powerful program and I mentioned to her about some of the emotions can be quite deep and upsetting because they may be emotions that had been buried but had never been cleared.

The first limiting beliefs was a relationship/work related and she identified with these. The next limiting belief was-"I'm maimed’…..with this she was very tearfull and couldn’t speak ….it wassuch a deep emotional issue. she said that she felt physically and emotionally maimed when she had surgery for the birth of her twins it was a Caesarean and she has never recovered from it /.


Patricia came to see me because she was undergoing IVF treatment. She initially told me that she felt there was some kind of "blockage" but did not know where or where this was……. it was just a kind of inner sense……..
On the general scan it came up with "shock at own birth", I asked if her mother had ever spoken about the difficulty in her birth. She said that her mothers waters broke a month before she was born and that the doctors were very surprised that she had survived without any amniotic fluid surrounding her. Her mother had always said that she would be worried for her in the future. She had never had any health problems resulting from this………. until now.
This may have caused emotional blockage about being pregnant-but she would not be aware of this consciously…………
Her heart chakra also came up with being blocked, when I read out the symptoms of this she started to cry as she recognised that she gave a lot of love to her husband and to others but not to herself…… she had almost fallen out of love with herself.
I noted that she was taking a lot of: supplements, in fact too many. It is almost like a mother giving her child everything that money can buy and expecting a child to love her more, She was buying all the supplements you could buy, giving all the love to others but giving herself no time, consequently it was a blockage in the heart chakra.

I recommend him that she started hugging herself, meditation, loving herself more-this will help to unlock the heart chakra. On the physical side she had a malabsorption problem coming from candida overgrowth. The program would be candida support, therefore not needing all of the supplements and alleviating he has e body from any over toxicity. This would give her a better chance of becoming pregnant…………..

CHAKRA CLEARING and improved fertility

I first met with Susie at the beginning of December 2010 having been recommended to her through a work friend - I went to see her primarily for my mother who was ill at the time and orthodox doctors could do nothing for her - btw my mothers health has since improved 100 fold!! I also had a consultation as I had a miscarriage/chemical pregnancy at the end of July 2010 and was finding it difficult to conceive since then.Having had one child 3 years ago and not having had to try to conceive for her and having had a trouble free pregnancy/text book birth I did take it for granted that my number 2 experience would be easy - not so.

Susie advised that my body needs to be in tip top health in order to conceive and sustain a pregnancy - and I had put myself and my body under pressure/stress and simply had not looked after myself - my hormones were all over the place - lots mood swings, night sweats, anger, sugar/alcohol cravings etc. So Susie did a bioresonance balancing programme and recommended a programme of supplements to help kick start the healing process and advised on what foods I should avoid eating - I did fall off the food wagon occasionally - especially at Christmas with sweat things - sugar being my downfall - but on the whole - along with the supplements and a bit of initial will power - it was not too hard making amendments to my dietary patterns - my mum and I were doing it together which made it easier.

More Energy - I noticed almost immediately feeling more energised and invigorated - the exhaustion had lifted - I also joked with my partner that he should make the most of my calmer mood as it was sure to wear off; the heavy night sweats I experienced for years which would start week before my monthly cycle also stopped. I felt normal and good again and hadn't felt like this for years.

A Cosmic reading – I had a 2nd Bioresonance scan - After 3 months I visited Susie again and this time she did not only a physical reading - but a cosmic reading - Susie advised that I continue with the supplement plan and that I also seek some form of exercise to help unblock my sacral chakra as the cosmic reading showed it was blocked - not having really heard of chakras and their role I researched the net and found a set of Kundalini yoga dvd's which specifically exercise each of our 7 chakras - and I got to work with my new exercise regime which I initially did twice in 1 week - I had to take a break from them after one weeks exercise (only did 2 dvd sessions that week!) because 3 days after doing the sacral chakra dvd I experienced a massively heavy mid cycle bleed on day 11 of my cycle - during what was supposed to be leading up to ovulation time - not having experienced mid cycle bleeds before nor any period with this amount of blood I was pretty shocked and worried - in my heart I felt it could be down to the yoga dvd and an unblocking of some kind - but I really needed proof that there was not anything nasty going on .

Medical tests negative - I went to a private gynaecologist who ran several tests/internal ultra sounds - all of which found nothing wrong - he was very perplexed and he wanted to investigate further but I showed no classic signs of the typical conditions which would cause mid cycle bleeding and the ultra sound did not show any polyps/endometriosis - his next step suggestion was to cut me open (key hole surgery) and insert a camera and possibly sweep (DNC) my womb - requiring 1 week off work - which all sounded too invasive for me so I held off on having these procedures pending my next cycle .

Positive Pregnancy - This was a few days later than I expected but given how much I bled a few weeks previous I did not really take much notice and I seemed to be back to normal. Today, six weeks after the mid cycle bleed episode and 5 months from when I first met Susie - I find myself at the very early stages of pregnancy.

I truly believe that without Susie's guidance and knowledge my partner and I would not be celebrating today – thepower of elybra bioresonance, controlled diet, professional supplements - have balanced my moods/hormones, re-energised my body and the chakra exercises seem to have unblocked something that no orthodox doctor would have found!

I am amazed and truly grateful to Susie's support and treatment!


Jenni, has been coming to see me as a client and one day she asked if her daughter could come and see me, she is seven years old.

Her general health was good but when I did a psychological scan it picked up emotional trauma. Her mother did not initially seem to know what this was. I asked if she had lost someone that was close she said no but the cat had died when she was four years old. Her mother also said that there was a big problem between her daughter and her daughters father. They always seem to be arguing and she was very spiteful to him.

I asked why the cat had died and she said that it was bonfire night and her husband locked the cat out all night, the cat did not return and so we put leaflets to everyone's doors asking if they had seen the cat. My daughter was very distressed over this at the time. We did find the cat but he only lived for another couple of days and died.

It seemed obvious when we had spoken that this was the resentfulness that her daughter was feeling over the loss of the year was cat Towards her father. emotions takes a long time but the unblocking of emotional blocks in this case was the best way forward.

Hi Susie, I have at last got round to writing to you with regard the wonderfully improved state of my health. As you know I started taking the Blockbuster tablets last November. I took 8 a day as suggested by you. I was so full of energy straight away but could not sleep at night. So I stopped for a week and then started taking 1 each morning half an hour before eating. This I have now got up to three. I have not used a walking stick now for the last 2 months. I could not walk very far without my stick before and had weakness and pain in my right leg. The pain has virtually gone and I am now able to walk about 2 miles or more over countryside and further on flat. As I have very low blood pressure I have been very prone to fainting if I stood for long and I would be very weak afterwards, it is such a great help to stand for much longer and not experience fainting and weakness. My arms are still very weak and my balance is not good, but I am hoping these things will improve with time. I do feel that my quality of life has improved dramatically since taking these tablets.