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Stress Reactions

Wendy came to save me because she had been having pain all over her body including the souls of feet. she could not bear anyone to touch her. The doctor had put iher on antidepressants. I did a adrenal stress profile and her adrenals, anxiety and stress we are very high on the scale indicating that she was in "adrenal burnout".

It also picked up that she had suffered emotional trauma when I asked her about this she said that she had gone through a breakdown of her relationship 18 months ago. This coincided with the pain she had been getting.

This scan  picked up that her immune system was also very low.

She had been very spiritual person and had done healing but had stopped doing this because she felt she was no longer connected.

Then came up with an emotional clearing between the last 3-5 years I asked her what had happened in this time and she immediately broke down and cried. She said that her grandmother had died and she was very close to her and it never cried and I had never really confronted the grief she felt.

Got feeling also told her that the pain coincided with a coil she had inserted, this had given her pain and she had it removed but at the same time a lot of the emotional stress Had been around.

The owner has a pony was very upset because she could not get the pony to go into the stable backing away from the stable.

I did a program and the first thing it came up with was "hating/angry at father figure" it also came up with "I am frightened in the dark".

When I spoke to the owner of the pony she said that there was a farmer that lived at the back of the stables and every time he passed the stables they would bang gladly on the door. I asked her to move the pony.

After this she came back to me and said that the pony was very happy and more contented.


Diana Came in to see me with symptoms of IBS. She had been referred to a dietician who had given her a dietary programme to follow. Her food intolerances were quite normal there was nothing in her digestive system that may be causing problems she is 20 years old and goes to university. I then addressed her emotional balance and there was a “colour”-turquoise that was significant to her and when I mentioned that it helped shy and timid people who may have been bullied she quickly responded and said that in her infant school she was bullied and University was proving to be very stressful.

Further into the conversation I realise that the stress at university was not through the work but through her trying to make friends with others. This obviously related to the bullying earlier in life (which she had not thought about herself) until I mentioned it.

On the adrenal stress test her stress levels were relatively high and I recommended a natural supplement to help calm her emotions which will have an effect on her digestive system in general. The stress was causing her digestive system to be problematic but not the foods or the diet in general.


Hi Susie – I feel like the 5 HTP tablets are taking the edge off and are helping me feel more normal – I still feel vulnerable and sad at times but these feelings are short lived and I’m able to pull myself back and focus - my head feels clearer and I feel like I am generally able to function without breaking down in tears -  I was taking (from Good Friday) 3 first thing in the morning on an empty stomach but I noticed that after an hour or so I had to lay down for a short nap – which was fine over the bank holiday weekend but I cannot do that whilst working so for the past few days I’ve taken 2 tablets just before bed time and 1 tablet in the morning – I have tried taking the tablets with food but they make me feel nauseous so an empty stomach seems to work better for me – I’ve noticed that although I am still smoking my cravings have gone down too so I’m not smoking as much – especially of an evening where I have been known to chain smoke through stress or make myself active for no reason I can now actually sit and focus on a tv program and relax for a bit.

Thank you for the recommendation of 5 htp – you’re an angel in disguise!

Much love!

Childhood Abuse

Hi Susie 

Just thought Id give you an update. 

What ever you did really helped, I did feel worse/strange for a day but afterwards I felt as if the pieces were coming back together and was regaining control of my thoughts and feelings. 

This week I have been able to launch myself back onto the detox to try to get myself back on the weigh loss routine again.

I do feel the whole experience is a journey, a journey that you have directed me on where my body and mind are repairing and mending them selves, one piece at a time. 

I recall your comment some time ago, that unlike Peter and Amelia the damage to myself is deeper and greater, therefore it will take longer and the repairs I need are much different to theirs.

On a whole I feel I’m making progress on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Another point that has helped to assist the repairing process is; many years ago, I told somebody who works for me about my experience, this person is a trusted friend who works for Peter & me. Only a very brief detail for me encounter.

Years ago he was making fun of victims and I lashed out.

Well I have been working with him for about a week, in private we got onto the subject following a news article on the radio, we were in the van, vehicles are a great place to get people to open up, I learnt that on the child phycology course I did ready for our adoption journey, and I found it in myself to talk about it to him in slightly more detail, he asked a couple of questions but basically listened. He was very sympathetic and understanding, I could never have done that before but again I felt as though my body had been given permission to say something.

This I feel is all part of the repairing and recovery process, I could never do that before.

I read with great interest the information you provided about repairing the soul, that makes perfect sense according to my beliefs and experiences of the spiritual world.

Again Susie I can only offer my sincere gratitude, and I will keep you informed.

Jealousy and Positive Parenting?

When Rae came in to see me she had been having problems with her digestive system thinnkng it was Candida related. Her diet was very good and testing for candida was clear. However what did come up was that her immune system was very low. She said that she had an infection when she was on holiday and has not beenwell since then. She also said that the job she has was stressful.

All of this will bring down her immune system and then her body will not be able to overcome the infection that she had when she was on holiday.

On the general scan it came up with “allowing positive parenting” I asked her if it meant anything to her. Did she have any problems with her own parents or is she thinking of becoming a mother? She laughed at it denied the fact and said that she had just moved in with her boyfriend that it was out of the question.

This I thought was very strange because it came up on the general scan so it was obviously very important.

 Another thing that came up on the scan was “jealousy” she laughed again and said that she is not jealous of anyone or anything. 

When I checked her “thyroid function it was running quite low and I said did she have problems with her mensturation? She said that she had missed her period this month and was desperately worried that she was pregnant, she had done three pregnancy tests and they were all negative but this had been on her mind and had really upset her.

Now I understood why “allowing positive parenting” came up on her general scan because being pregnant had married her so much.

She then admitted to the fact that she was also very jealous of other people and their health. She said that she was always jealous of other people being so healthy.

Her adrenal system with solo and I gave her recommendations to strengthen her endocrine system before we did anything more.

She also admitted to the fact that it was very difficult to get anyone to talk to. I pointed out she must not being more positive and to stop worrying about the future, she has been very worried about her health. This was making people walk away from her.

Hi Susie
I just had to write to thank you so much for all your help when I came to see you last week. Almost overnight I got my head back together and became the person I always thought I was, you pulled me well and truly out of a dark place :0) As a consequence Andy is also happier as is our little family, everything seems to be falling back into place.

The other thing I am amazed by is on my general scan the only things that came up were my eyes. At the time I said it could be because I've been so tearful, but actually this morning my left eye is sore and the doctor has referred me to the eye clinic at Broomfield this afternoon. It must have been something there already and I can't believe the scan picked it up!

I have so much faith in the work you do and again, can't thank you enough.

Speak soon and take care,


Hi Susie

I'm sorry I haven't been in touch since my last distance treatment. In the last few months I have returned to work full time in the city which I have found very difficult leaving my 2 little ones. After I came to see you I felt so much better in myself almost instantly. I decided I needed to do something for me, and I needed to work. The only problem is that I can't do what I do part time, and feeling as numb as I did then, I took full time as I thought a job would make me happy. The reality is for whatever reason I am starting to feel like I did when I came to see you. I know I need to take my hours down to part time so I can find the balance with my children, but work aren't willing to consider this and I'm afraid if I hand my notice in that I will be back where I was before.

Would it be possible for you to do a distance treatment for me? I have my "pebble" with me all the time, can you send the program to my pebble. My emotions are all over the place and I could really do with some help.

Thanks Susie, I hope to hear from you soon.

An Amazing Healing System

“E-Lybra… is the most fascinating and proactive health system I have ever encountered. It is more expansive and comprehensive than any health approach I’ve seen. The amazing thing about it is that it not only does a great job with the physical side of things – it balances the emotional and spiritual side as well. I recommend your process to others and use e-lybra bioresonance mself on a regular basis.”

Breast Cancer Client

"Bioresonance energy testing  showed that the trapped emotion of sadness was locked around the tissue of her left breast.. Four years before, she had her left breast removed .She was a survivor of breast cancer.

This trapped emotional energy had become locked in her left breast, where it remained. ... I felt that this "locked energy" had become trapped in the tissues of her left breast – that lay so close to her heart –because of her past unrequited love. This trapped emotion had remained in her body for years. It may have caused a constant low-level irritation in her tissues, and this may have been a contributing factor to the cancer. The signs were not recognized soon enough, and ultimately her left breast had to be removed to save her life, but the sadness remained. From using "Bioresonance balancing" I was able to leave the "sadness"  from her body which would have helped her to heal emotionally. I only wish I could have discovered it years earlier, which might have helped her avoid a lot of pain and suffering, and might have even helped her avoid breast cancer."

Lung Cancer Client

"When Sandra first came to me for treatment, she had a cancer  in her lung. She was going through chemotherapy. I asked her body if there were trapped emotions and which organ of the body was stressed.  The "respiratory system" was very stressed.

Sandra believed she was fine ... But her body revealed that the emotions of resentment, frustration and abandonment had become trapped inside of her ....

she insisted that she had never consciously recognised any of these symptoms .she said that she had come to terms with the fact that her partner had left her and that she was okay .’ And yet, after the bioresonanance scan, Sandra  sat up and said "it’s the funniest thing,’ she said. ‘I feel so much lighter, like a weight has been lifted from my chest.’

... I only saw Sandra  three times, but it was enough for me to release all the trapped emotions that showed up in the area of her tumor. About five weeks later, she showed up at my office ecstatic over the good news. Her doctors had taken a new x-ray and the tumor was completely gone from her lung.
Could the trapped emotions have been a significant contributing factor in the creation of this cancer? I believe that the answer is yes."

Susie along with Karen are a joy to know now. I couldn't be without them. Whatever health conditions myself or my family are suffering I know I can call on their help in a non pharmaceutical more natural way. With the fountain of knowledge and experience you can ensure you are in good hands. The treatment programs are mind blowing and so accurate often for us with instant results. So happy to have found them the The Cornell Centre. Anybody with any health concern of the body of mind I would most definitely recommend a visit to Susie. You won't regret it.

Distance consultations

Many clients Benefit from distance consultation when they cannot get into the clinic. Using bio resonance Technology it can be very accurate help and advice for difficult to treat health conditions such as anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions, stress digestive problems stress, digestive problems.

Well worth a visit

My brother has MS and we sought help from Susie Cornell about 7 years ago. Her personalised advice on diet and supplementing is second to none. My brother is doing really well and I put a lot of that down to Susie's help, advice and encouragement. I too see Susie for my own health. Although I do not have a condition/illness, her tailored recommendations have helped me enormously - physically and mentally. I have recommended her work to many friends and colleagues and the majority of them all continue to see her on a regular basis.

Invaluable help

I have Suffered From fatigue and anxiety for many years, my doctor only offered antidepressants. I don't know where else I could of got this valuable help and advice with regard to my diet and lifestyle changes. As I am very busy I find that using distance appointments is great I do not have to travel. I cannot recommend any higher.